Monday, Semester_Break
Monday, Semester_Break
Here are 75 links to any student club, group, or useful official uni resource in our expanding community.

Student Clubs and Groups

For journalism and creative students & the entire USC community! Submit your work or browse everyone else's!

USC Maverick is a website for USC students to see what’s really happening in our university community. Showcase your journalism or creative skills for everyone to see. Browse relevant articles and interesting visual, musical & written art! Also learn about student groups and upcoming events. We meet-up weekly to create and assist.

Providing a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

The USC Buddy Program is here to connect Aussie students and International students! It's a great way to make new friends, share culture and have fun. The USC Buddy Program aims to encourage sharing of culture, food, stories and experiences, making lifelong friendships and ensuring that all USC Students have the chance to capture the great opportunity of learning from those around them.

USC Inklings (Australia) is a vibrant community founded in 2012 by Amy Bailey, Jade Mitchell and Rebecca Dostal. Nat Harman was also instrumental in the continuing development of the group.

This is a group by and for USC creative writing students to achieve professional growth through receiving continual feedback and support from one another.

For more information about our community, as well as links to our Twitter and forum, please visit our website:

All enquiries or suggestions can be emailed to

Christian Faith Community. Mobilising Students to Transform the World.

Frank About Art is a student art group created by students, for students. Our main goal is to strengthen the link between art, culture, and student life on campus. Throughout the semester we hold various artistic events and competitions and work closely with the USC Art Gallery.


A student-run association and the peak body for law students at USC. We are committed to our vision of building an active, prosperous community, fostering success and encouraging greatness. If you are a future law student, current law student, or a USC student interested in becoming a social member, we encourage you to access our website at The USCLSA is dedicated to providing educational and professional development and networking opportunities to our members. If you would like any more information, or want to join the Association, please contact ‘The Secretary’


enactusUSC is a student organisation committed to using entrepreneurial action to improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need.

Creating an artistic outlet for university staff and students of the Sunshine Coast is the focus behind this fresh, diverse and quirky theatre company. Formed in 2012 The Performing Arts Kollective draws upon the strengths of the university students’ willingness to learn and passion for developing ones skill set and uses these assets to produce and perform dynamic and contemporary works of art. Whether it is plays, musicals, dance or street theatre PAK will put will put their stamp on it. With their zest for performing and appetite to excel in any project PAK puts its mind to they are a company to look out for.

For General Enquiries please either Message the page.

If you have any more specific questions, please contact one of our Creative or Management Team members below:

President: Tara Bryan

0414 337 461

USC ECO is a socially-aware environmental action group affiliated with the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Social Action is a student society committed to helping the community through social events. Like a league of superheroes (if we do say so ourselves), we are committed to social justice. In raising funds and awareness for causes within our local community and more broadly, we can truly contribute to a better world. Our focus is on standing up and creating positive things in society. There are so many opportunities to do good - we hope to take as many as possible and help you to as well.

We also believe in saving uni students from desolate, empty social calendars. Never fear a weekend full of assignments again! We are at the ready with awesome events that will contribute to positive change in the community. This means that you too will be a superhero - making the world a better place. Like all good superheros, we are fond of parties (Tony Stark, we are looking at you) and awesome costumes. So expect plenty of good times!

Please join us! No mask or super power required.

The University of the Sunshine Coast Quidditch League was founded in May 2014 and has evolved into a network of around 60 quidditch players of all skill levels, and their supporters. Through the league, a rich tapestry of friendships has been forged, and newcomers are always welcome. The league currently consists of fve teams who compete weekly in matches fueled by friendly onfeld rivalry, and in two intra-university tournaments per year. These teams are the Thestrals, Nargles, Phoenix, Death Eaters and Dragons.


We are the SWAANS @USC! The Social Work Advocacy Action Network by Students at USC. We are an active student group run by students for students.

This group is a safe space for fellow social work students to join, share, announce, question and update others on anything social work, justice, study, jobs, events, uni, related material etc.

SWAANS@USC vision is to be an active, collective and representative voice for the USC Social Work student body based on principles of social justice and privileging a 'bottom up' SW, CD process for the groups direction. Our core goals include:

a)To support and network with past and present USC social work students

b)To advance and advocate social work and social justice issues on campus, and in the community.

We endeavor to achieve this by fostering a collective and critical social work student community and by building collaborative networks and partnerships with community stakeholders.

Wider members of the community can engage with us on our open facebook page at

Join, Participate, Contribute, Have fun!

Amnesty International is the world’s largest independent human rights organisation. The club’s activities include hosting events both on and off campuses, participating in social media campaigns, engaging with local MPs, and promoting and defending human rights around the world. Amnesty International USC is a great way to meet like-minded students, learn more about human rights and take practical action against violations.


If you think it is Nerdy, put it up there. Note: inactive since 2015.

Cosplayers who attend or are localised near the University of the Sunshine Coast.

A place to share Pro Tips! Study tips, student tips anything that could benefit your fellow students.

Counselling Students United is a student group open to all counselling students (including those doing a counselling major) whether in their first, last, or somewhere in-between, stage of their USC degrees.

Our main focus is centred on the emotional (rather than academic) support we can provide one another as we undertake the arduous - yet oh so exhilarating challenge of becoming professional, theoretically integrated, and self-reflective counsellors. Additionally, our main is to strengthen the profile of counselling throughout USC and the wider community, and to inform and inspire members through topical discussions and providing access to relevant industry speakers.

The Moving Feast is a community garden project at the University of the Sunshine Coast and a result of an interdisciplinary collaboration between Nutrition and Dietetics and Engineering. The vision is to create movable garden beds that will be utilised to grow an array of seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs and incorporate Indigenous bush tucker and International specialties. 

This is a community garden in the truest sense of the word - a place to connect, learn and share. Welcome to our garden - welcome to your garden.

The Criminology Student Institute is a student representative body providing a social, academic and career development support network to all criminology \& justice students. The CSI aims to enhance the USC experience and build networks between students, staff and professionals in the field.

The Rainbow Connection @ USC is a social and inclusive group for the LGBT+ community on campus. We aim to offer a safe space for all students who identify within the LGBT+ community who attend the University of the Sunshine Coast.

SCCS is a Christian group at the University of the Sunshine Coast (affiliated with AFES). They have a number of smaller weekly bible reading groups and run the odd social event.

A student social club dedicated to developing strong industry relationships between students and prospective employers, in a social environment that celebrates engineering achievements.

The objective of the University of the Sunshine Coast International Relations Society is to create and foster a community encompassing students and professionals from within and outside the University involved or interested in International Relations. This is primarily achieved through the promotion and creation of educational and professional opportunities, fostering of links with related professionals and organisations, and the support of Model United Nations.

Facebook Group:

Facebook Page:

A place for parents studying at usc to meet other parents who study at usc.

We are a student association run by student paramedics for the beneft of the USC student paramedic cohort. We are also a sub group of Student Paramedics Australasia and Paramedics Australasia. We aim to beneft aspects of student life such as professional development, social and academic support.


Gamers of USC is a social gaming club for students of the University of The Sunshine Coast (USC). Our aim is to bring together gamers with a shared interest in Video Games, Board Games and Card Games by holding regular club meetups and events.





The most elite club for USC Students!

We are dedicated to making mathematics something it never was before...FUN!

And also trying everything crazy!

Rotaract is a global organisation that empowers young students and professionals to create positive change in their local communities and around the world.

The USC Owls are the Mature Age Student Group at the University of the Sunshine Coast. We are Older, Wiser Learners and together we navigate university life from a more mature perspective. We are a social group that actively engages in university activities and promotes the interests of mature students on campus. Age range 30-100.. give or take a few years.

USC Singers is a choral group for University of the Sunshine Coast students and staff. Members of the Sunshine Coast community are also welcome!

The place for USC students/staff to creepily watch each other and write about it.

Here's a site for people to vent some steam, localised around - but not affiliated with - the university of the Sunshine Coast. Tell us what's bugging you??

USC Walk is simply that: USC students getting out walking. Park Walks, Street Walks, Beach Walks, City Walks, Bush Walks, Mountain Walks, Hiking, Fun, Exercise, Fresh Air, Together, Friends, Walking Events, Walking for Fun, Walking for Fitness, simple short and more adventurous.

The ISA is dedicated to bringing social fun back to campus. We want to hear the voice of the students listened to once again - bringing students what they want. Like maybe a nice cold beer on campus.

Active Minds works to increase students’ awareness of mental health issues, provide information and resources regarding mental health and mental illness, encourage students to seek help as soon as it is needed, and serve as liaison between students and the mental health community.

USC Active Minds is the first chapter in Australia so join us and become a founding member of the only organisation to use the student voice to change the conversation about mental health issues.

A contemporary theatre group that gives students at USC the opportunity to create and/or perform theatre in a supportive, student driven environment. UMTA gives students a creative outlet and the opportunity to gain unique experience and skills in modern facets of drama




USC Activate is an outdoor recreation group affiliated with the University of the Sunshine Coast. As a club we engage our members in a range of outdoor pursuits to relieve the tedium of an otherwise dull academic life and provide the best of both worlds.

Activate participates in all manner of outdoor activities, including but not limited to: Bush-walking/Hiking, Surfing, Stand-up Paddle Boarding, SCUBA Diving, Cycling – road/path, Mountain Biking, Rock climbing, Abseiling, Slackline, Canoeing, Kayaking, Outrigging, Camping

Making/Mobilising Opportunities for Student Action and InterCultural Collaboration/Connexion Where everybody has something to share for understanding. Where everyone unites as friends. Where every connexion creates a positive difference. Join with others of like heart to develop projects that make a positive difference. Share your culture for understanding and fun. Projects include English Conversation Clubs, student peer support and mentoring, leadership development, support and referral, chaplaincy service.

Humans of USC aim to create a stronger social connection amongst the University of the Sunshine Coast community. This is being achieved by conducting interviews on random members of the USC community and publishing a short story about the heart-touching, delightful and humorous aspects of their lives.

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