Monday, Semester_Break
Monday, Semester_Break
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Cup of E review
Written by Maddy Major / Published on 30 August 2016

Cozy little Cup of E is set apart from the other cafes on the Sunshine Coast University campus because it doesn’t feel like a café. Instead it holds the appearance of a coffee cart with bright fairy lights adorning the top. The cart is positioned under the stairs of the campus’s E Block and while it sounds as unwanted as Harry Potter was to his aunt and uncle, Cup of E is just as magical when you want a quick coffee in the morning.

Upon first arrival, one of the first things to note is the menu chalked up beside the cart. There’s a variety of coffees on order and hot chocolate is included for those against caffeine. Unfortunately, they don’t offer that pumpkin spice latte. The cart is backed by black walls which they’ve turned into makeshift blackboards. I’ve overheard in the past that the chalk flowers, city outline and other artistic features added to it are made by a Uni art student. Also included was their opening hours which are 7:30am until 6-ish Monday to Friday, and yes, they wrote the ‘ish’.

There was no queue and the over the counter service was efficient but flat. He was friendly by all means but there wasn’t any energy, not even a smile. I ordered my usual mocha in a regular size and as always I was asked if I wanted any sugar to which I asked for two. The free sugars are kept down the end where they serve the coffee but they don’t charge extra to add it for you. I love that little touch and it definitely makes grabbing a quick coffee easier. My order came to a total of $5. 

Another little quirk I observed as I waited was the little basket they keep by the front of the cart. The basket is full of rolled up blankets for students to borrow for free in case there’s a chill. With E Block open to the wind, I can definitely see why they offer it. 

Five minutes later, and my recyclable, take away cup was up on the counter. Bonus points for getting my tricky name spelt right, granted I gave them the shorter version. The coffee had a strong and rich taste, just how I like it. I would rate my experience a three out of five and all I would change is that morning service vibe.