Monday, Semester_Break
Monday, Semester_Break
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How to beat procrastination
Written by Cassie Davies / Published on 31 August 2016

Now as a past university student, I can tell you how easy it is to procrastinate, especially before a big assignment is due or a speech. It’s becoming easier and easier to procrastinate and feel overwhelmed and not knowing where to start.

These helpful ideas are perfect for those over procrastinators:

  • Setting a goal and a reward at the same time is the best tip I’ve been given. So if you do a solid hour or two of study or continuous assignment work, give yourself a 10min Facebook break or anything to keep you motivated, but you have to go back to work after it. 

  • Break your tasks down into smaller pieces. The main reason that we procrastinate doing study is that it’s too big to tackle and not knowing where to start. Instead break down the work into sections or chapters of your textbook and take it one step at a time. 

  • Get rid of your distractions. Most of the time we are procrastinating because we are using our laptops, which have too many distractions such as social media, YouTube, emails, etc. When your working on something, go to an area where there isn’t WiFi, or download an app that can turn off social media sites for a selected time period. 

  • Block it out. Select a time or a day in your week to designate to study, that way that day or hour is completely blocked off for working on study or assignment work that’s important to you and your grades. 

  • Work on the assignment or study for an hour each day. Working on your assignment work or study for a little bit each day gives you more time to finish the task as well as make sure you aren’t doing it all the night before and stressing. 

Now you have all the tips, get studying!