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Local Thai Restaurant review
Written by Marina Quin / Published on 16 February 2016

The quiet atmosphere is the first thing that grabs my attention while walking through the doors of the Thai restaurant located in Sippy Downs. Cosy, unpretentious, simply pleasant are the first three expressions that come into mind to describe the large room where a few people are dining.

“Hello, hello, welcome,” says the woman at the counter. “Do you want to take-away or to dine in?” She looks busy, making round-trips from the kitchen to the dining room, answering the phone and serving clients. “Dine-in, please,” I simply answer.

The menu looks classic – soups, curry, and stir-fry – but who knows? Sometimes, the simplest is the best. One small inconvenience: there’s no Kids Meal offered. While ordering, the waitress asks, “how hot do you like it?” I smile at the question. I’ll try ‘mild’. The other options, from medium to Thai hot, look far too spicy for me.

Three options are available to accompany the rice or the soup: vegetarian tofu, the cheapest one at $14, the meat option (chicken, beef or pork) at $15, and for the seafood lovers the bill is higher as it’ll cost you $17.50.

The presentation of the dishes may appear simple but the meal itself has a unique taste, perfectly cooked and spiced. A nice little surprise will await you while you are savouring your dish: the waitress takes a picture of your table for the restaurant’s Facebook page.

If you like deserts, you may be disappointed. Even if the ice cream and the rice pudding are appetising, it’s the only choice you’ll have. Globally, I had a good experience at Bangkok Rose – I had a really good meal without emptying my wallet: a vegetarian Massaman curry only costs $14. The wait was a little bit long, so next time I must have a take away instead. But I’ll definitely come back.

Restaurant: Bangkok Rose
Address: 8/1 Scholars Dr, Sippy Downs
Phone: 5453 7776