Monday, Semester_Break
Monday, Semester_Break
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My Real World, Chapter 9: Cross The Scape
Written by Dusty Millers / Published on 19 July 2017

Estimated time until trial: 


Commence information stream.

Mark sequence access point.

Selection completed, information stored.

Stream suspended.

Core Recharge initiated.

Fuel preparation start.

Mechanical range tested.

Stream continued.

Alert, allotted time expired. 

Information stream halted.

Estimated time until trial: 


Suspend input?  Y/N



Estimated time until trial:


Trial start.

Perusal time start.

Estimated time until perusal time expires: 


I’m standing on a solid platform it’s a semi-transparent red rectangular prism. There are others around me on similar platforms. Before us lies a maze of intermingling information. This isn’t a race. All we have to do is make it to the other side.

I see some stoic faces, others are relaxed some even grinning, but many more are nervous. I feel slightly more comfortable that it isn’t just me. I see my tutor at the front of the hall.

Estimated time until perusal time expires: 


I was grinding my teeth so I relaxed my jaw. I feel my myself flail against this prison.  I then settle back into my world.

Perusal time allotted: 


My shoulder opens and a foot-long silver rifle unpacks itself, and a digital display visor covers my eyes giving me digitised sight. Straight ahead is my entrance. Beyond that is the labyrinth. I can see other lasers scanning the area searching for the access points.

I sit back, close my eyes, and breathe.

More prisms have formed to block my view of the others. The maze itself is a made of the same prisms, but it’s dark-blue. I am now alone with my challenge and I can see through the maze walls. I sight the first gate, and the access point immediately next to it each access point has a white, circular display. Easy shot. I mark them both and scan elsewhere. I can now see a green and white arrow marker at the edge of my vision, it’s always showing me where those points are.  My rifle swivels on my shoulder as I spy different access points and it marks them.


Estimated time until perusal time expires: 


I’ve mapped out some of the area. I’ll skate through that part fast, then I just need to find the rest of the access points. I’ve marked up 27 so far. 

No stress. 

Well maybe a little bit of stress.

Estimated time until perusal time expires: 


Okay, maybe a little bit more than a little.

Perusal time expired.

Estimated time until trial conclusion: 


The dark blue-maze construct turns bright teal, and my platform turn green. As I jump the gap between my starting platform and the maze entrance I see other people using wrist locators, or manually handling the locator snipers themselves. Only two others are using the shoulder mount like me.

As I enter the maze the visor digitally removes the other participants. I brush past the first access point, barely slowing, and swipe my fingers across the holographic panel and continue. Seconds used on the first answer. Precious seconds on the second. Even more on the third. The fourth answer takes longest.

Estimated time until trial conclusion: 


I stop to flex my neck and stretch my arms. I never thought that time would seem so torturously slow yet so blindingly fast. I flex my fingers and rotate my wrists. I can do this.

Several access points later and I’m onto the unscouted section of the maze. I slow to a walk as my shoulder mount whirs into action. the laser darts around in front of me, showing new access points. I take a deep breath and hear myself sigh, ‘I got this.’

I break into a jog, stopping at the access points to skim over the holograms. Some a can brush past. Some require more interaction, like inputting sequences and codes, or expanding on finer details. I check the display on my wrist.

Estimated time until trial conclusion: 


Time sure flies. But it’s not long until I reach the end. This all seemed easy in hindsight. I check my display again.

Estimated time until trial conclusion: 


I double back, racing past the access points. Each one seems to be activated correctly. The laser on the rifle is scanning but not picking up any missed consoles. I think I’m done.


Estimated time until trial conclusion: 


The system has a half hour lock-down protocol that prevents us from exiting in the last half hour. It’s some sort of bug that can crash other users. But that’s okay. While chilling at the exit console I raise my visor. I see the other participants materialise. Some are still running back and forth, others are working furiously on access points. Some are just chilling like me, and a few left early. I wonder if they got all the access points.

Estimated time until trial conclusion: 


And that’s another one down.


Trial concluded


All participants will be removed from the designated area


‘So, in your head, the exam was a maze in a digital world?’ Carlie is looking at me with fascination.

‘No. The trial was just the maze. The access points were streams of information that I’d remembered.’

‘Then what was the digital world?’

‘That’s just a small, academic section of my mind.’

For a moment I thought she may call me crazy. Then, ‘I always figured your mind would be more like a waterpark. Lots of different ways to splash around.

I had a waterpark-mind themed day once, but it seemed too normal; should I tell her that?

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