Monday, Semester_Break
Monday, Semester_Break
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Nobody's Girl
Written by Chayse Reid / Published on 7 March 2017

Disorientated, scared and anguished.  The sharp smell of smoke, the screaming of distressed civilians and the piercing ring of horror caused by the hate of humanity enwreathes me.  Everyone’s trying to flee; unaware of where the destruction will dig it’s nails into next.  It could be the dainty coffee shop across the road, it could be a poor family’s home miles from here, and it could be an abandoned street, the only life on it being the poor souls without a warm abode to call home in the icy grip of winter.  Boom!   A low echo fills the streets.  It vibrates through my body, clenching a fist around my heart.  Where did it hit?  The dark and dank subway, the children in the park, the lost in the streets?  I don’t know where it has hit but I do know that whatever it has managed to devastate, there is at least one poor soul floating its way up right now and another body that will join tonight's symphony.

    I run down another cobblestone street of this endless labyrinth.  Its stones make strange cracking sounds under my feet as if warning how futile my attempts to grasp at safety are.  I persist though; if I don't, my body will become just another empty note in tonight's symphony, written above by cold, angry conductors. Boom!  Another explosion numbs my hearing so I retreat to a nearby bookstore. Looking around I noticed the books had fled, like us on the street or perhaps their fate was worse. Perhaps like many others they had stood face to face with the glowing eyes of fire whose embers blazed with malice, and suffered defeat.  

     "Do not linger here child, for if you do, your fate will resemble that of the books.  That bomb was much too close for you to stop now.  Run child!" quavered a voice from a corner. There, sat a small lady whose features reminded me of my pet mouse. 

     "Come with me!" I pleaded. The lady shook her head, as she did strands of silver glittered in the light revealing her age.

     "My legs mimic twigs. They will snap at the first piece of deterrent from the cobblestone. You must leave now if you are to survive."

    Boom!  The explosion across the street flung my body against an empty shelf as if I was a tiny ant. My ears ring with the shrieks of lives and my head throbs, mimicking the vibrations of the machines overhead. I pulled my body to my feet and staggered out of the store through the new exit. I glanced at the lady as I did. Her skin had turned pale, her body, a lifeless mess except for tiny breaths. She was now to become another note. I wanted to run to her body and scream at her until she awoke but I knew it was too late. I regretted not dragging her with me the first time she instructed my departure. Many emotions and thoughts spiraled through my body leaving it up to the ghastly smell of fuel and smoke to claw at my throat for me to move. As I did I could feel my body attempt to numb any feeling I have left to keep me moving.  

    Boom!  Another explosions echo fills my body causing it to tip a little.  My body sprawls out on the cold concrete.  That one was closer.  I watch from the ground as the sky lights up from the sting of bullets and roars from the sound of gnarled engines.  People run past me, fuelled by terror.  They bump me and step on my hair as if I was invisible.  I’m just an orphaned girl, slumped on the pavement.  The only difference between me and the lady from the store was that I am still living, refusing to play my part of the song.  The ground around me shakes violently from another explosion.  Some fall, some stagger but eventually all keep running.  That one was even closer than the last.  Glass window’s become shards, some land on me.  The explosion shakes my body violently, but still no one notices me, the neglected girl on the ground.  

    Smoke starts to waft through the streets.  The smell of burning flesh and raging flames lingers in the darkness of the smoke.  It fills my lungs, making me want to choke.  Pained faces flow from the same direction as the smoke.  Their body’s changed in grotesque ways.  An old man looks down at me with sad blue eyes, yet he then fixates his gaze in front of him and ignores me like the rest.  Joining the defunct hoards, he stumbles away as if he was leaving a bar at the darkest hours of the night.  A flap of skin sags from the back of his calf, blood trickling to the ground leaving a trail that can be followed.  My eyes lock onto him as I mentally scream for his return. I attempt to extend a trembling hand towards him and the others that pass but it barley leaves my side.  I notice something spiral out of the sky and crash into a building, emitting a low rumble.  It and the building burst into flames immediately.  The flames lash at the buildings that surround but none catch alight.  Slowly the fire eats away the building and pieces crumble onto the street like crumbs.

    I feel my shock slowly drain from me as I watch the flames lash out in anger and realise hope has deserted us all. As it leaves the pain reveals itself from the drawn curtains of numbness.  It no longer hides in the depths of my body.  A spike of pain pulsates.  It lingers in my abdomen throbbing out a hateful bite of agony.  I finally feel the warm, red liquid swell around my body, spreading through the cracks in the cobblestone.  Now I realise why they wouldn’t pay attention to me, why the old man looked at me the way he did.  I had passed on and was now a victim of this hate, this abhorrence.  These people realised my departure, before I did.  Now it is my turn to leave this devastation and start a new path.