Monday, Semester_Break
Monday, Semester_Break
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Pointless mistakes we’ve all made through university
Written by Cassie Davies / Published on 18 July 2016

When it comes to adjusting to uni life, moving away or the first assignment deadline, it can be extremely overwhelming. For many of us, these tips can be helpful on avoiding the unnecessary mistakes that students make.

Not using the resources provided:

Where it can be daunting seeing a tutor or lecturer during their contact hours and sessions for help on that one question, just do it. They can be incredibly valuable and well worth your time. Going through the recommended textbooks for extra resources and text can make all the difference when freaking out about your final grades. Finally, using USCs online services including the online tutoring available through Blackboard and Library will give you the second opinion on assignments and help when needed. 

Grocery shopping when bored and hungry:

Grocery shopping can be the last stop on your to do list whilst juggling uni, social life and even a part time job. Or possibly you’ve wasted your grocery money on; coffee, alcohol and you’re down to your last sausage. Before all rushing to the shops in those desperate hangry episodes, try to buy some nutrient snacks that will keep you going throughout your study sessions or even your next Netflix binge.

Enrolling in 8am classes:

The absolute best thing about uni when compared to high school is the freedom! Also the fact that you get to pick your schedule unless you’re dreaded with the unlucky 8am lectures is pretty great! Now unless you’re one of those annoyingly chirpy people who walk into a lecture or a tute all happy and smiley at 8am, stay away, stay right away from enrolling into 8am classes. 

All nighters:

Now as a graduate, I get how incredibly easy it is to procrastinate before an exam or an assignment due at midnight, however there is no healthy way to absorb every piece of material you need before a 50% exam the next day. Instead of trying to force your RedBull dehydrated brain to memorise an unreasonable amount of content, try coming up with a study schedule where you are reading something at least 14 times in a 2-week period effectively. Don’t wait for the 1am call for help, try give yourself the upper hand and eliminate any stress and get that deserved beer for the next day.