Monday, Semester_Break
Monday, Semester_Break
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Starting at USC: DOs and DON'Ts
Written by Lloyd Copper / Published on 25 July 2016

So you’re just beginning at the University of the Sunshine Coast eh? Welcome! Or maybe you’re an existing student who after all those weeks of being in holiday mode you need a quick reminder about a few things to keep in mind to make your student experience and those of your fellow students, the most awesomest ever. And yes, awesomest is a word.



TickSay g’day! Everyone feels a bit weird being at uni. Uni is about getting to know each other. Say hello. Konnichiwa. Whatever, you’ll be surprised at how much a quick greeting can warm you to your fellow students.
CrossIf you’re sitting in a lecture theatre, and you’re first in, don’t sit on the end and expect people to step over you. If you want to sit on the end, wait until you’re the last one in. Similarly, if it’s a busy theatre, nope your bag doesn’t get its own seat. Be cool.
TickBe prepared. You’ll get a bit of leeway in week one, but tutors expect you to have some idea of what you’re doing. Bring you pens, a book, print out your course outline, and your textbooks.
CrossI can’t speak for the girls, but a lot of the dudes need toilet training. Just cos you’re in a public toilet, normal rules still apply guys. We know it’s not always easy to aim, but at least try! And for god sake, wash your hands!
TickThe obligatory shot with the kangaroos. Yes we have them. Yes they will get vicious if you do something stupid like run at them with an axe of try and steal their joey. Use your head and enjoy the wildlife.
CrossLeave your rubbish in the classrooms. There are bins. Use them.
TickUtilise good hygiene. Bring deodorant, chew gum, if you sweat a lot, bring more soap. We’re in close proximity with each other, so let’s be cool yeah?
CrossWatch videos on YouTube in lectures. It’s distracting to the next person. If you don’t want to be there, watch the lecture online.
TickCheck out the Student Guild. Lots of cool students, free food, international students, welfare services, great wi fi and couches.
CrossForget to put your phone on silent. Nothing quite as embarrassing as your ringtone going off in the middle of a dead silent lecture theatre.
TickAsk questions. Engage with people. It’s uni, not high school. Open your mind.
CrossCome in late. Sure there are reasons we can’t make it in on time all the time, but if you’re doing it because you’ve been out looking for Pokémon or whatever, it’s not cool, it’s distracting.
TickHave fun!