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Monday, Semester_Break
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Student nightclub attracts hundreds
Written by Cameron Brooks / Published on 14 September 2015

Our university finally has a nightclub thanks to students that have stood up and organised it themselves.

With three events under their wings, President Sam Argue and Promotions Manager Stephen “Regus" O’Regan are some of the key organisers behind the successful Bar and Events Club (BEC) that has captured the attention of hundreds of local university students.

“The idea of the BEC was to create a social atmosphere where students [that live] around USC … can come together and socialise as a student body,” Sam said.

The rainy latest event held during the stress that was Week 5 gave students the opportunity to unwind and socialise with 546 people in attendance.

“That just does show that there’s students around USC [who] do want this social experience,” Sam said.

“The BEC bar gives other cohorts and other people who haven’t necessarily met before a chance to meet, mingle, [and] interact with some of the games we run,” Regus said.


These events are unlike the frequent and somewhat unregulated parties held at local student accommodation residences which cause issues with neighbours.

“We’ve enclosed the area, we’ve made it a safe environment, we’ve got security guards, trained bar staff, and we’ve put it in the middle of the oval away from residential areas … to reduce the noise,” Sam said.

With police co-operation, the events have all gathered high attendees with the first event last semester reaching 637.

“The police have been happy with that, they said there haven’t been complaints like there had been on previous Thursday nights [at student accommodation],” Sam said.

Although being new event organisers, each event has has been better than the last.

“This is all still new to us … the event’s been three times now [and] that was by far the most smooth the event's run,” Regus said.

The opinion of fellow students is highly important to these enthusiastic organisers and anybody interested in the project is welcome to join the team.

“It’s for students, it’s run by students, and we’re always looking for students with new ideas because we want to see this grow for the future,” Regus said.

Even with the help of many volunteers, funding is a key issue involved in operating such expensive events.

“We have to fundraise everything for ourselves … the hire of the fences, the initial purchase of the beer pong equipments, the initial purchasing of the drinks, [and] the free barbecue that we provide,” Sam said.

“So far we’ve got a lot of help from sponsors and businesses around the community, we’ve held a few raffles, and the events we’ve charged [plus one] non-uni students … an entry fee.”

Local businesses Meat at Chancellor, Z for Life, UnderWater World Sea Life, Henrietta’s Chicken, and major Sunshine Coast nightclub The Helm have supported the events with equipment and prizes for the raffle, Beer Pong, Hoop Toss, and Jenga games.

The games aren’t just about fun, with entry proceeds donated to STEMM, a Sunshine Coast program helping young mothers study.

The next event will end the semester with a Halloween theme during the study break on Thursday November 5 (2015).

Special thanks to Vice President Ben Dengate and Events & Activities Manager Geoff Green for their contributions. All photographs used with permission.

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